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Hotmail Sign In – Login to

You must sign up for an Hotmail account first in order to check your email and write new messages. The Hotmail brandname has been changed to Microsoft Live, and the Hotmail Sign Up page can now be found here.

How to Login to your Hotmail Email Account.

If you already have a Hotmail account, then you can go directly to the Login Page to access your Hotmail Email account.

Again, Microsoft has move the Hotmail brandname under the Microsoft Live umbrella, so the old Hotmail login page, and the domain, now re-directs to the Microsoft Live login page.

Don’t worry, your Hotmail account is still intact, as are all your old emails and your old Hotmail account login username and password.

You can download the Microsoft Outlook app (used for Hotmail and Live accounts) for Android or iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) to view and reply to emails on your mobile device. You can also access the normal online login page from your mobile phone by navigating to or

hotmail sign in login
The Hotmail login page will look like this screenshot. The background image and language will change, depending on which country you log in from. On this page you, will only need to enter your email address, associated phone number or Skype username. Be aware that usernames and passwords are case-sensitive!

I Forgot my Hotmail Username or Password.

Issues? Can’t sign in? Reset your Hotmail password here. You can revover your Hotmail account here, if you know your email address, associated Skype username, or associated telephone number.

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Hotmail Sign In
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