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ATT Email Login Email.

att net email login - ATT Email
You will need to enter you ATT Email ID or email address, and ATT Email Password to access your account.

How to log in to your Email account, quickly and securely.

To use the AT&T email service, users will have to register for an AT&T email account before they can check their email, or write and send emails. Email Login.

How to login to your Email Account:

To access your AT&T email, navigate to this login page.

If that does not woro for some reason, then visit this direct link.

If you are using Android, users can download the Android app here and sign in via the app.

iPhone, iPad, and Windows Phone Users can download the app by navigating to with your mobile browser.

The mail login page should look like this screenshot. Be aware that usernames and passwords are case-sensitive. Note, that the correct login url should begin with:

I Forgot My ATT Email Username or Password.

Problems? Can’t sign in? Reset your password or User ID here.

ATT Yahoo Mail.

Merged AT&T /Yahoo Mail email accounts are longer supported.
To improve security, merged AT&T and Yahoo email accounts have been separated permanently. Each email address has its own inbox.

When your email accounts were separated, old emails and contacts in your ATT Yahoo email account are now located in your inbox.

  • You need to use your ATT email address to sign in to your ATT email account through the website at
  • You need to use your ATT email address to sign in to your ATT account in myAT&T.
  • You will need to sign in on Yahoo Mail’s website, at to check your Yahoo emails.

Still having problems or found a solution? Add a question or comment in the comment section.

Ask a question in the comment section, if you have a pressing email problem.



    I was advised to created a new email account. I need access to my old account today. Also, will my old email be forward to my new email account?

  2. genaro

    Estoy tratando de entrar a mi email hase tres dias y no he podido, mi email es:
    cada ves que trato de entrar me dice que el user name o el password estan equivocado; no entiendo, porque es el mismo que he tenido por meses, necesito su ayuda para entrar a mi emai

  3. Beatrice Mitchell

    I do not have access to my email as of 11/2/18. Every time I try to log in the system takes me to YAHOO.
    I called att and the customer service person said they are receiving lots of calls with the same issue. I was told that this issue came up because of ATT and YAHOO split and that technicians are working on the problem but there
    is no time frame as to when this will be resolved. I indicated that I want to be sure that I do not loose my contacts and/or any saved emails. I was told that nothing will be lost, but they are working to resolve the problem.
    I pay for my land line and internet, so is there anything I can do?

  4. Alfred L. Cobbs

    I have been trying to log into my att account acobbs3347@att,net and after I sign in the att/Yahoo sign comes up and I can’t get into the att mail. I have not signed up for a Yahoo account. What’s going on and why can’t I get in?

    I have no such problem with my Samsung Tablet.

    Alfred L. Cobbs
    (313) 273-xxxx

  5. Dorothy Koester

    I checked the box where it to stay signed in but then it works for a few days and quits. It wants me to sign in again and then won’t accept the password

  6. Patricia

    I can’t her on my att e mail I forgot my password and I’ve done everything clicked forgot password and ot still don’t do anything I haven’t been able to get into it since Oct


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